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My official Homepage about me as a Gamer, Artist and Science Fiction Fan

Hey Guys, welcome to my homepage!

My name is Kip Supernova, and I am a Baabian Alien.

I am 11 Baab Years old (23 Earth Years), living in Opal City near by the BASA Head Quader.

As a student of Quantum Cypernetics and Computer Science I have a lot of work at Baab Academy and BASA Space Station.

Together with my mentor Quim (he is a very good Robotic Scientist, but a bad teacher) and Kiku I discover new worlds, planets and technologies. I love Robots and Technology very much! My best friend is NAO, a Robot from Planet Earth. He has a Neuronal Interface for Dream Sharing and connecting my brian with Computers. I also love Games - Splatoon and Mystery Horror Games with logical riddles are my favourite games! But also Spore, Civilization and The Wispered World. Mathematics and Physics are my favourite subjects at school, but I love also art and crafts.

My hobbies are creating 3D Computer Graphics, writing Science-Fiction stories or bully Quim.

If you want be my friend, you must love Pizza and Dark Planet Kola like me, dude!

See you and have a good time!

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Kip Supernova

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KIP SUPERNOVA is a 3D Computer Graphics Artist, Gamer and Science Fiction writer.
This is a Fansite of the Animation Movie "Escape from Planet Earth" by Splendid Animations.
The Artworks on this page contain mostly fanmade Baab Alien characters and fanfiction picture stories.
[Kip Supernova] does not store any personal data. Our content is youth-free, without violence or disturbing images.